ERP Software for Small & Midsize Distributors Importance, Features And Benefits.

Wholesale distributors use SAP Business One to control inventory and warehouse management, streamline purchasing and enable sales.

SAP Software for Small & Midsize Distributors

SAP Business One| Wholesale Distribution Software tailored to your needs

What do companies look for in wholesale distribution software? They need software to control inventory and warehouse management, streamline purchasing and procurement and empower sales to better serve customers.

SAP Business One includes built-in order-to-delivery functionality which is fully integrated into the inventory, financial, and material requirements planning (MRP) features. Discover how SAP Business One will enable your distribution business to optimize and streamline your entire inventory management process.

The Wholesale and Distribution industry is fast changing because of the frequent changes in end customer needs and demands. This dynamic industry faces some of the toughest challenges like shrinking margins, demanding customers and increasing costs. SAP Business One serves as an ultimate solution to smoothen the business processes of the wholesale distribution industry. This ERP software can help in effectively streamlining your entire order-to-cash process thereby enabling wholesalers and distributors to offer customers and suppliers value-added services.

Following business functions of Wholesale & Distribution Companies are covered in SAP Business One Solution:

  • Warehouse and Bin Management
  • Inventory Planning and Forecasting
  • Supplier Managed Inventory
  • Pick and Pack Facility
  • Integrated Inventory System with Finance
  • Import and Export Operations

Key Features Of ERP Solution for Wholesale Distribution

Success in the wholesale distribution industry depends on a multitude of factors. New technologies, changing market dynamics, and increasingly demanding customers are altering the way distributors do business.

SAP Commerce for wholesale distribution supports:

1. Procure-to-Pay Management

Manage strategic and operational relationships with your suppliers to reduce the cost of goods sold, streamline operations, and decrease overhead costs.

2. Supply Chain Planning

Conduct advanced demand and supply planning to maintain or improve service levels, reduce your capital investment in stock across the supply chain.

3. Order-to-Cash Management

Support a range of sales order channels and services that provide income, increase customer satisfaction, and reduce customer churn.

4. Supply Chain Execution

Improve inbound and outbound processes and warehouse management to accurately measure the performance of core warehouse operations.


5. Financial Management

Supports all the phases of financial management, from accounting and controlling, to business intelligence, including profitability analytics, enabling financial excellence. SAP Commerce for Wholesale Distribution provides closed looped industry specific functionality that enables planning, sourcing, storing, selling, and analysis in a single unified view of key information across diverse functional areas and reduces the cost of developing, mapping, batching and maintaining multiple legacy and point solution.

What People in Distribution Are Saying About Us:

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Benefits of SAP Solution for Wholesale & Distribution Industry

  • Automated supply and distribution chain
  • Optimized inventory management
  • Modernized process for delivery and payment
  • Streamline order-to-cash process through automation in operations
  • Real-time view of all transactions
  • Streamlines complex operations of Import and Export
  • Precise and up to date information on special prices and offers and immediate information on customer historic purchases that include any special promotions or schemes that are valid at the same time of purchase
  • Cost-effective and value added services
  • Self-service capabilities for customers and suppliers
  • Tracking customer demand and purchasing behavior
  • Advanced warehouse management
  • Easy integration with eCommerce portals
  • Efficient inventory planner that keeps a constant check on the stock

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