ERP For Manufacturing: Importance, Features And Benefits.

Manufacturing ERP software delivers industry-specific performance that maximizes efficiency and adaptability for manufacturing companies across multiple industries

ERP For Manufacturing: Why It Is Important To Have?

A manufacturing company, be it small or large can benefit from ERP systems in many ways. It is imperative for modern manufacturing companies to use solutions and tools that help them accelerate growth and establish data-driven culture to make informed decisions at every step.

The power of analytics and big data can’t be ignored considering today’s hyper-connected and data-driven environment. ERP systems not only help improve production and distribution but also offers a 360-degree view of the entire business by integrating diverse internal processes.

Implementation of the right manufacturing ERP software is quite tricky. It requires you to consider different factors such as your budget, implementation goals, timeline, and required features and functions. Enterprise Resource Planning system is a good investment for many industries. Here are some must-have features of a manufacturing ERP system.

Manufacturing-specific ERP delivers genuine and lasting value for small and midsize manufacturers. From managing your core business process, manufacturing processes, inventory levels, to managing your daily finances and accounting, manufacturing ERP offers many advantages over generic ERPs.

  • Track raw materials, allocate resources and plan out the production process.
  • Manage the manufacturing process more efficiently from start to finish, while tracking shop floor activities.
  • Schedule jobs based on raw materials in stock, by machine time and labor hours.
  • Manage daily finances, create custom reports and track job costing.
  • Monitor inventory of finished goods coming in and going out.
  • Receive, scan in and store products, knowing the location of each item within the warehouse.
  • Use quality control check points to ensure products meet customer specifications.

Key Features Of Manufacturing ERP System

Manufacturing ERP systems offer a broad range of features and functionalities to improve all business functions.

Here’s is the list of key capabilities of manufacturing ERP solutions:

  • Inventory Management
  • Compliance And Risk Management
  • Quality Control
  • Process Automation
  • Requirement Planning And Management
  • Distribution And Supply Chain Management
  • Asset Management
  • Finance And Accounting

Major Industry Challenges

Manufactures face a number of market challenges every day. Most of the major problems that arise due tot inefficiency in handling operations are faced important activities ranging from production scheduling, resource management and sales.

Imbalanced Inventory & Assets

Manufacturing companies are prone to the breakdown of equipment overstocking/under stocking of products, resulting in loss of time and resources.

Quotation Management

Incorrect and imbalanced quotes fail to yield sufficient funds from the clients. They also create friction and create a gap between requirements and delivery.

Customer Demands

Customer expectations and demands are changing fast and it has become difficult for production companies to match them in terms of quality, pricing and delivery time frames.

Benefits Of ERP Software For Manufacturers

With decades of industry experience, Focus Softnet understands the unique challenges manufacturers face. It has created powerful manufacturing ERP software solutions to deal with these challenges and improve business operations.

Streamline business process

Our manufacturing software systems help production units streamline, monitor and track operations across a single platform. They increase the quality of services and reduce overall maintenance costs.

Agile and accurate reports

ERP software applications allow manufacturers to access production data, stock, employees, suppliers and other data in real time. Use our solutions to access information at your fingertips, improve customer service, increase sales and drive profit.

Speedy production and delivery

Accelerate all manufacturing operations, from planning and production to scheduling and executing by using our MRP systems. Achieve results and keep up with changing market requirements while improving production quality.

Eliminate downtime and bottlenecks

Manufacturing ERP solutions especially Focus MRP software let manufacturers gain insights into all operations, enable total control, eliminate the disruptions and thus minimize the risks of downtime.

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