SAP Business One Starter Package, is specifically designed for Small Businesses to expand their footprint quickly on limited resources. It is best suited for the enterprises that are looking for cost-effective comprehensive business management solution that delivers unparalleled capabilities despite of its limited functional scope at considerably lower cost as well as implementation time.

SAP B1 Starter package helps to address business necessities in critical areas like Accounting and Finance, Sales and Customer, Purchase and operation, Inventory and Distribution, reports and management. It integrates the business functions that help to omit the duplication of the job and redundancy. Starter Package comes with limit up to 5 users and standard Version of SAP Business One that makes it easy to deploy in short span of time. It is highly effective to the business with low number of human resources and the Standard 5 Users, capable of handling all the required tasks. Starter Package is the most effective package where time and resources are minimal to grow your business where you are visualizing taking it. Starter package will also be able to accommodate the third party or any SAP adds-on which significantly extend scope of the package, however this may minimize the simplicity of the package and may raise its implementing time frame.

The package integrates and consolidates the business functions which allow you to streamline the processes and pose the total control of it, so that you can focus on your revolutionary ideas. SAP Business one Starter Package, the single platform is capable of managing your key area of business that provides complete visibility and total control into daily operations by capturing all the crucial information for immediate access and company-wide use, which is the key factor for faster and more accurate decisions. It consumes less time to implement and with low cost you can access the best of world class technology to manage your business efficiently and successfully.

Key Area of SAP Business One Starter Package

Accounting and Finance:

With Sap B1 Starter Package you can maintain your general Accounts, Receivables and Payables in real time.

  • It simplifies the process of budget setup and cost accounting
  • It simplifies the banking activities, giving you the control of payment processing, either by Cash, Cheques, bank transfers, Credit Card or the bill of exchanges and also helps in Account reconciliation
  • It Simplifies the financial reporting such as , P/L account, Balance Sheet, cash flow and aging .
  • Through pre-configured reports and Dashboards, you can get financial data at a glance.

Sales and Customer Relation:

Starter Package offers powerful sales atomization and CRM to manage the existing customers and acquiring the new ones. This package helps to:

  • Acquire the comprehensive data of the customers.
  • Maintain the updated data of Customer , business partners without duplication
  • Create quotations, enter orders, and track sales opportunities and activities from the first contact to the closure of the sales.
  • Track the sales preformation through pre-configured Dashboard and reports at a glance.

Purchase and Supplier Relationships

Starter Package helps you to create and maintain the image of a reliable business partner. It ensures a systematic business procurement process.

  • With the Procurement Wizard, you can manage the entire procurement cycle efficiently.
  • Creation of purchase order and goods receipt
  • Management of expenses and returns.
  • Much clear and compelling reports and dashboards.

Inventory and Distribution

The SAP Starter Package gives you the ability to control your inventory and operations management with ease.

  • Valuation of Performing inventory using standard costing, moving average, and FIFO methods.
  • The inventory stock control system helps to monitor stocks, tracks transfers across multiple warehouses, and provides inventory updates on real-time.
  • Helps to manage the pricing cash and discounts and volumes automatically.

Key Features of SAP Business One Starter Package

  • Low Cost (Affordability)
  • Low deployment time
  • Easy to use and operate
  • Pre-Configured reports and Dashboards
  • User friendly Performance Indicators
  • Data Security and trustworthy
  • Integrates and Streamlines Business Processes

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