SAP Business One, simple yet most powerful and widely used single solution for SMEs. And it is capable of managing the entire area of business from Purchase, Production, Inventory, Sales, Management, Project, Accounting and Finance at affordable cost. It is the best suited application that is helping 70000+ business entities around the globe over 170 countries and even 360+ Large Enterprises have implemented to manage their 5600+ Subsidiaries.

Features like, On premises or cloud Computing, Integrated Business Intelligence, very own powerful SAP HANA Database, Quick Deployment of the system, Mobility and Analytics makes it more compelling that enhances your businesses.

SMEs require tight control and continuous search for innovation, doing more with less in a competitive marketplace. With SAP Business one you can manage your business like never before. It is the single solution that integrates and consolidates the business functions like finance, logistics, operations and CRM. SAP Business One not only allows you the total control of the processes but also streamlines them, so that you can focus on your next revolutionary idea. While all the key areas of your business are managed by the single platform, you can enjoy incomparable visibility and control into daily operations by capturing all the crucial information for immediate access and company-wide use, which definitely contribute to faster and more accurate decision. Its fully-customizable nature allows, tailoring the specific requirement of the business, making it the prominent tool in helping businesses run efficiently and successfully.

Key Features of SAP Business One

  • Process automation, centralized data
  • Less error and more efficiency
  • Better communication and increase productivity
  • Better information Management
  • Evaluate business performance
  • Real time data analysis and forecasting
  • Streamline business processes
  • Affordable
  • Easy to use

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